In which Emily gets some perspective

Over the next eight weeks, I’ll be packing up my life here in Lesotho and preparing to head home. For good. By the time I COS, I will have spent a collective 30 months in Lesotho. Two and a half years, which I have spent entrenching myself in life and service in this strange, magnificent little country. On one of the last days of my pre-service training, our then-Director of Programming and Training Eric Goldman described living in Lesotho as a jigsaw puzzle. Every day we would figure one bit out, fit in one piece, until, by the time of COS, we had a complete picture. Solving the puzzle of how to live is what is wonderful and challenging about living in a foreign country. David Sedaris decribes this really beautifully in this interview with Rick Steves (side note: My two favorite middle-aged white guys ever? Maybe. Definitely up there. Them and Joe Biden.)

So I’ve spent two-and-a-half years putting this puzzle together. Everything from the-standardized-taxi-fare-is-fifty-cents-cheaper-in-my-district-than-everywhere-else-in-the-country-for-no-discernible-reason to the ins and outs of the complicated chief/sub-chief system my village boasts to exactly which grocery stores sell avocados and when is in there.

One of the big pieces was realizing that social media and having an online presence are not a priority for me. What initially felt more like a stressful homework assignment than a connection to home is a pursuit I, for the most part, abandoned early on in my service. As a result, this blog has proven rather paltry. If you’ve been following and have been disappointed, I’ll just say that I was occupied with my puzzle. If you want to hear more about my service, reach out to me. I’d be happy to have a real-life conversation with you.

That being said, I have some final thoughts, perspectives, stories, and photos I’d like to share. In the weeks until I fly out, I’m going to post something about the bigger, more important pieces of my puzzle (and some pictures, because no one likes a blog that’s only about feelings). I’m calling it How to…, because it’s about how I learned to do things.



Photos from a visit from U.S. friends over New Year’s:


Is this a dinosaur footprint?


Close enough!


Me in front of the convent where I live


Pony trek



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