In which Emily dips out for a few weeks

I’ll admit I’ve been putting off updating because, well, so much has happened and I wasn’t quite sure where to start. We last left it at me settling in, slowly figuring out how to live and work at my new home in Mohale’s Hoek. About two weeks in, I started feeling poorly and went to see the PC doctor in Maseru. I was diagnosed with a lung infection and started taking antibiotics which started helping immediately. While I was in Maseru, there was a sort of-coup-type series of events described well here: That Wednesday Peace Corps decided it would be best for all volunteers to wait for the situation to stabilize in South Africa. They brought us all to a really nice hotel where we experienced a sort of vacation-cum-imprisonment that we nick-named ‘consolication’ (consolidation being the technical lingo for our security status and vacation being the best way to describe how we spent our days mostly within the confines of the hotel). I was in recovery from my lung infection for most of it, but at least I got to recover in style. Finally it was determined that while the situation was not getting completely resolved, it was also not getting worse. That combined with the fact that in the villages where we live and serve no one is getting politically rambunctious and many aren’t even aware of the events that pretty much only effect Maseru meant we were allowed to triumphantly return to our sites. After assuring my host-nuns that I was happy to be back, that I was no longer sick, and that it is not typical for me to up and leave for weeks at a time with no notice, I set about re-settling-in.

Here is a recent Fox News article about the political situation as it stands now: